My Coastal Adventure’s

Welcome to my blog.Let me take you my daily adventure’s.

        This is at Mnarani,Kilifi.

As you all know the coastal life is full of marine wildlife.But one thing with this place is that you get to see exotic marine animals.

Like,this little crab.It was on a Sunday afternoon and i was walking along the beachshore when i saw it.So i slowly knelt down and quickly picked it together with its natural habitat(beachsand) before it  had a chance to escape.

The other thing to keep in mind when in Coast is the scorching heat.It’s damn hot temperatures rise from 30-35°c.In order to get rid of the heat you got to have some refreshments.

To all lovers of swimming this is place for you.I’m telling you this beach is clean and the waters are  clear.

        This is at Mnarani Beach,Kilifi.

At first i found it hard to believe like  this place existed.But on being there i was shocked the experience was mind-blowing.

The best part is as you swim deeper you get to see lots of marine life(crabs,rayfish and corals too).For guys that love snorkelling and scuba diving this is simply the place for you.

Well this is marks the end of my first blog.But more is yet to come.My social handle is @snapshots233 on instagram.